365 Daily Strategies

A daily guided coaching program.

Alas, a virtual online coaching program providing an easy daily system to help you make taking care of yourself a daily habit. The coaching center provides strategies to help you better prioritize your life to be the best you, mom, partner, business owner and the other roles you play in less than 15 minutes a day.

Start today, and gain immediate access to your first week of daily strategies, an amazing self-care library with topics that are at the heart of every mother’s list , audios, a video channel, and the monthly Mom-me Matters coaching call where we will discuss the hot topics impacting your life every day. In addition, you will join an amazing community of women who understand that being at their best allows them to be the best to everyone that they love. This community will encourage your personal growth, share solutions, and encourage you in your mothering journey without judgment.

We live in a time where so many of us mothers are trying every single day to balance the mega-tasking of home and work, school and extra-curricular activities, and wife and mom. It is so easy to lose sight of what is most important each day because there is so much to do.  Today, we have so many amazing resources in our lives with social media tools like Twitter and Facebook connecting us to lots of women just like us.  We also have access to many online communities just for moms that help us find the best connections that we need like babysitting services, saving money, or parenting references but there is very little available to help a mom create a system for the  actual change that we want until now.

Think about it for a minute.
When you search for better ways to improve your life you have probably encountered the following:

  • You find yourself struggling trying to find the answers to your daily questions that impact you in motherhood.
  • You want answers to your common everyday struggles with your family, and you want to be able to ask the questions in real time as they are happening in your life and get advice that works.
  • You want success. You want to know how to finally be able to better your life as a mom while you grow the love your family without feeling guilty for thinking you need more.
  • You want a community of women that will not judge you but support your personal growth journey in motherhood.  You want to be in association with other women who are growing their lives and who can share with you how they are doing it.
  • You want to learn the successful strategies of  "how to" negotiate with your children, spouse, boss, and your clients to maximize results.
  • You want to learn how to better prioritize and learn the best ways to say, “No” so that you don’t feel overwhelmed because you have committed to doing too much for everyone.
  • You want someone to share with you formulas that work in motherhood in all the roles that you play. You want to know that you can implement this advice from a trusted source and create positive change in your life. You want answers!
  • You want to know how to find time for your life. 
  • You want a guided daily plan of what to do to feel better about your life, and to get more out of your life.

Affectionately called The Mom Strategist™, I have taught thousands of mothers how to build successful life systems for themselves.

Mia Redrick

I am Mia Redrick and many of you might have seen me featured on The Ricki Lake Show, ABC 2 WMAR, in Essence Magazine, Women’s World, or read my articles on The Huffington, Yahoo-Shine, Dr.Laura, Dr.Oz’sSharecare, CNN, and more.  For the 2013 season I joined the Emmy nominated television show America Now as a segment host providing mother's with "news they can really use".

Over 16 years ago, I began my journey of making my own self-care a priority in motherhood which has resulted in me dating myself no less than once a week for the last 14 years.  This “Me Time” taught me many things about myself and allowed me to build a system for my life based on what was most important to mea life that helped me identify my priorities, boundaries, career that I love, and to be the best mom and partner because I had clarity.  

As a result, I began teaching moms around the country how to do the same in their own lives in Time for Mom-Me® book clubs using my first book Time for Mom-Me: 5 Essential Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care. There I support moms with a guided formula for creating self-care rituals.  We have hosted hundreds of groups in the U.S., and two groups in Australia. Several of these groups have been in partnership with Panera Bread®, Great Harvest Bread Co.®, and Corner Bakery Café®. I’ve personally worked with hundreds of my strategy-coaching clients helping them to reach for their big dreams and goals, set boundaries, and to re-negotiate their lives to experience fulfillment, joy, and meaning.

I am a mom just like you and I am always listening, learning, and living out new and practical ways to experience motherhood more fully. I know that when we are happier with our lives, we are better mothers. We also know that most of the advice in the market place for moms fails to tell us specifically what we can do each day to change various areas of our lives. Most of the information out there is hypothetical and general and fails to move us into the action that we need to improve our lives immediately.  

That is why I created The Mom’s Academy®, an online coaching resource that allows you in the privacy of your home, to access information that you both want and need to elevate your life with the convenience to consistently do the program alongside your current schedule.

Now is the time to commit to you, your life, and your growth because you deserve it and need it. In less than 15 minutes a day, you will learn strategies and the tools you need to improve the quality of your life immediately. My easy-to-follow daily program is created for busy moms just like you who want solutions that work and a plan of action to keep you focused on what is most importantresults.

I understand the life of busy moms, so I have designed this program to guide you with a time released system so that you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed with another thing to do. When you follow my system you immediately learn how to establish better priorities for yourself and identify what you love again. You will learn that it is possible to have it all if you are clear on what the “all” is for you, to begin with. I will help you to get clear on some of your next steps.

You will learn like so many of my clients that you can start a successful business, write a book, design a new career, come home to be a stay-at-home mom, get fit, monetize your business and achieve your wildest dreams as a mom. I will show you how so many mothers are balancing motherhood and enjoying the journey because they love themselves.

The Mom’s Academy® is a one-of-a kind online self-care coaching center with one goal; to help every mother live fully. Each month you will join me for the exclusive "Mom-Me Matters" calls where for 60 minutes, I will share with you some of my best strategies and interview experts on the subjects that matter the most to you.



We are waiting to empower you.

I know that you want to be part of a community that is growing and vibrant, where setting and achieving goals in motherhood is common. You want to build relationships with other women like you who are solution-oriented and are looking for ways to personally grow, be healthy, dream big, and live fully.

You are already doing some things to improve your life but you want to accomplish more. You want to get clear on your personal mom strategy to create less overwhelm and greater consistency in both your business and in your life.

The moms in our community are:

  • Professional Moms
  • Stay-At-Home Moms
  • Nursing Moms
  • Coaches
  • Bloggers
  • Home-Schooling Moms
  • Work-From-Home Moms
  • Business Owners
  • Speakers
  • Service providers
  • Pregnant Moms
  • Empty Nesters  
  • Mompreneurs
  • Authors
  • Busy Moms


What you get in The Mom’s Academy™


Daily Strategy Session

Each day you will receive a specific self-care strategy to target. You will learn from this process what actions make the most sense for you to accomplish the goals that are most important to you.  

Monthly Coaching Calls with Mia

We will participate in a monthly group coaching session covering topics that matter most in motherhood.  Each call will be recorded for your convenience and available for immediate download.  

Daily Strategy Session Guide

Each day, you can download a guide for your record of this journey.  This guide will be your quick reference/life journal to record your progress along the way.

Online Self-Care Library

You will have instant access to hundreds of audios, videos, articles, and coaching sessions related to the most pressing concerns in motherhood.  You can easily locate and target the areas that you want to work on the most including health/wellness, parenting, balance, boundary setting, the language of balance, and the list goes on and on.  

Private Mom Strategy Facebook Group

You will have the opportunity to build community with the members in The Mom’s Academy™ in our private community on facebook. This is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate, share solutions, and get the support you need from moms just like you.

***VIP clients get a bonus group Q&A call with Mia monthly.  I know that some of you have specific questions about your life and business.  This option is best for you if:

*  You need personal coaching but are on a tight budget.

*  You are a self-starter but would like to run questions by your coach to make sure you are on the right track.

*  You enjoy learning from the questions/answers of other mompreneurs in the trenches just like you.


The Mom's Academy™ will teach you how to:

  • Become accountable to your life, dreams and purpose 
  • Balance self-care and authenticity
  • Learn how to set boundaries, find your voice and to articulate your needs more clearly with your family
  • Stop trying to do it all and end mega-tasking
  • Improve the quality of your life


Change Your Life Now!  This Program Includes:

Value of The Mom's Academy™
365 daily self care strategies with actions of the day.
365 daily lists and questions to guide you on your self care journey
Premier access to a self-care library 
All my E-books
Online community 
My secret formulas for delegating and setting boundaries.
Value = Priceless




VIP Clients get a bonus group Q&A call with Mia monthly.  Get your questions answered each month.  



Praise for 365 Daily Strategies for A Mother’s Self-Care Megan Calhoun

“I’ve been a fan of Mia Redrick for a long time. She understands the daily challenges every mom faces, and balances her insights in a no-nonsense approach. 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother’s Self-Care gives busy moms practical, bite-sized tips and exercises that add up to a sustainable self-care routine that can help us all become better moms and happier women.”


– Megan Calhoun, Founder & CEO of



My clients say the following about me:


“Mia, you and your team at Finding Definitions exhibited such patience and support through the process – that in itself was an amazing gift to me. You knew when to gently whip me, and always knew how to lovingly guide me to get this done. I might have miscarried along the way had it not been for your steadfast hand – instead we collaborated to birth a healthy baby. Thank you for recognizing, owning, and sharing your gifts with the world.”


Anne Palmer, Speaker, Author of The Gifted Trap, Emmy Award Winning ESPN Host. 

  “Thank you for helping me transition from home to a profitable business in photography. Your coaching helped me focus on what is important in both my business and life. I learned that I love my family even more when I am fulfilled and joyous. My pictures are featured in prestigious magazines as work of art.  I’m excited about what is going to happen this year.

Mia Clapp, owner  Clapp Studios

“Mia helped me identify my target market; connected me with individuals who had similar interests; taught me where and how to network; and encouraged me every step of the way. Although I initially resisted, perhaps what I ultimately found most valuable was that Mia challenged me to dream bigger and stretch higher.  Mia Redrick’s  Brilliant Focus Coaching gave me the tools and confidence to effectively monetize my business.”

–  LaVonne Sumler, President Voice of Significance, LLC 


"Mia’s coaching program has been a key component in my business growth. She has a magic way of connecting the dots and providing clarity when all seems unclear.” 




What my clients say about me.



What You Will Get


365 Daily Strategies


Premier Access to a Self-Care Library 


Self-care article library 



100's of articles on topics YOU need to know to balance your life.


$300 Value

Yours Free!


Newsletter archives

Learn self-care secrets that will change your life from our resource library.



$100 Value

Yours Free


Access ALL my Audios, Videos and eBooks for online



Ebooks and CDs

  • Mastering In-Law
    A Guide to Keeping the Peace
  • Your Health Matters
    How to Maximize Your Family’s Whole Health in the New Millennium
  • Mommy, Inc.
    How to Win and Thrive as Your Family’s CEO
  • Mastering Your Domain
    Creating Comfort, Calm and Personal Space in Your Family Home
  • Seeing Eye to Eye
    The Power of Effective Communication for You and Your Family
  • Your Best Foot Forward
    Finding Your Way in Today’s Maze of Home/Work Options
  • Facing Forward and Stepping Out
    Setting a Positive Course for the New Year
  • Balancing Your Whole Life Budget

Access Online Mom Community



Connect with other moms and learn how YOU can ROCK motherhood today!  


Value: $730

Yours Free



Praise for 365 Daily Strategies for A Mother's Self-CareJoyce Bone

"Mia Redrick’s book, 365 Daily Strategies for a Mother’s Self Care is a must read for all moms. As women, we are so busy doing for everyone else that we put ourselves last. This book does a wonderful job of inspiring and guiding a woman to take active care of herself. Mia’s suggestions delivered in daily, bite size pieces over the course of a year are perfect for the busy mom. The reader will learn how to excel in all areas as she goes about the business of life. This book is the perfect shower gift for every new mom! The seasoned mothers also benefit from the wisdom within 365 Daily Strategies; we all need reinforcement on how to manage our various roles in life. Mia Redrick remains the go to expert on self-care and has out done herself with this book! I highly recommend it."

– Joyce Bone, CEO and founder of Joyce Bone Enterprises



You will receive all of this instantly online

Ebooks and CDs

Value of The Mom's Academy™
365 daily self care strategies with actions of the day.
365 daily lists and questions to guide you on your sellf care journey
Premier access to a self-care library 
All my E-books
Online community 
My secret formulas for delegating and setting boundaries.
Value = Priceless



 Join The Mom's Academy™ today for less than

$100 per month.

No kidding! VIP clients get a bonus group monthly Q&A with Mia.  Get your questions answered.  



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